Once you've signed a contract for your new storage unit, you will likely need to have a way to get all your items onsite. A rental truck will help to make things easier. However, you shouldn't go out and get just any moving truck. You should get one to fit your specific needs that you can then pack so that all your items arrive in one piece. Here are some tips on picking out and packing your rental van.

Picking Out Your Rental Truck

It's important that you do your research before you decide on what size and type of truck you want to rent so that you don't end up with more truck than you need. Here are three things you should determine before you sign that rental truck contract.
Determine How Much Truck You Need
Moving trucks are usually presented according to how much cubic feet they have or how many average-sized rooms of furniture they can fit. You can also do an online search to find guides to help you determine the size of truck you need.
Because furniture and boxes are tricky to pack, you may not be able to determine the precise size of truck you will need. If there's any doubt, then you should go the next size up from your estimated size, especially if you are transporting items long distances. For shorter distances, size isn't as much as an issue other than that you may need to pack and unpack more than one time.
Determine How Much Insurance You Need
Just like renting a car, you should also consider how much insurance you need to protect yourself. If you have auto insurance, check with your provider to see if you would be covered for a moving truck. You should, at least, be covered for liability and property damage to the rental vehicle.
You may also be offered insurance to cover the items you are transporting. This insurance is usually optional but ideal if you are moving items long distance and may be parking your full truck somewhere overnight.
Determine How Much Truck You Can Handle
Make sure that you get a truck that you can handle on the road. Sit in the seat and make sure that all the controls are comfortable to use. If you're renting a large truck, then you might want to practice driving it around in an open area before packing it up. Be aware that loading up your van or truck will change how it handles, so the more familiar you are with it, the more prepared you will be when it's full.

Loading Your Rental Truck

When you are ready to load your truck, you must make sure you pack it a certain way to facilitate road handling. The main thing you want to do is distribute the weight evenly across the axle so your van doesn't sway or tip during turns. The general rule is that larger, heavier items should be loaded first and go in the front, and longer items should be loaded next.
Many people advise that you load appliances last as they will need to be unloaded first. However, be aware that if you do this, the items in the front might be crushed if you make a sudden stop.
Use pads and covers for wooden and fragile items. Lighter items should be stacked upon heavy items and secured against any movement.
If you're moving your household furniture and items to a storage unit and you want to rent a vehicle to do so, then A-All Mini Storage can cover both of these services for you. That way, once you're done moving into your unit, you can quickly return the truck at the same time. You can also get packing supplies and tools to make things even more convenient for you.