Everyone knows that self-storage spaces can come in handy during a big move or while you're in between housing, but they can be convenient when you're trying to reduce the amount of clutter in your home as well. While you can use storage spaces to keep your items safe for an extended period of time, they can also be put to good use for a few months or seasons, too. 
Storage units come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find one to fit your needs, whether you need a place to keep small holiday decor items or bulky yard equipment. The units are also pest-free and climate-controlled, so your cherished family mementos and expensive electronics will be protected during storage. 
Following are some ways that you can use self-storage units to help reduce clutter in your home.

1. Holiday Items

While you may love looking at your Christmas tree and other festive decor pieces, such as lawn inflatables, ornaments and lights, during the holiday season, they can just be a waste of space the rest of the year. If you have several larger items or even a lot of smaller pieces, they can take up valuable closet, cabinet and even garage space no matter how you break them down or package them up.
As an alternative, carefully box the holiday pieces up, wrapping especially delicate items in bubble wrap to avoid breakage, and place them into a self-storage unit until you need them again. In addition to home and lawn decor items, you can also store cold-weather clothing pieces, such as winter jackets, gloves, mittens and heavy sweaters as well.
Other holiday-inspired items to store include Easter baskets, Halloween lawn decorations and costumes, and patriotic Memorial Day and 4th of July outdoor decor. You can rent a storage space all year and rotate the holiday items in and out as needed.

2. Recreational Equipment

If your garage or shed space is at a premium, don't waste precious space by storing large recreational equipment in them. By placing seasonal items, such as water and snow skis, snowboards, surfboards, ATVs and even small watercraft in a storage unit, you can free up space for your car or workshop. 
Make sure the seasonal equipment is cleaned and properly maintained prior to storing it so it's in good condition and ready to use when you take it out. Drain all gas and oil from equipment before storing it as well. 

3. Outdoor Items

When each season comes to an end, you're likely to have lawn equipment and other outdoor items that you no longer need. For instance, you can place lawn mowers, collapsible swimming pools, bikes, sprinklers, children's play equipment and lawn chairs in a storage unit at the end of summer. 
When winter comes to an end and spring starts, you can remove the outdoor items and fill the storage space with skiing gear, snow blowers and shovels. Other outdoor items that you can conveniently store include rakes, grills, patio furniture and lawn lighting. 

4. College Gear

If your child is heading away to college until next summer and you don't have extra space to keep all of his or her gear, a storage unit may be the answer. You can keep everything from furniture pieces, such as futons and twin beds, to bedroom and bathroom items in the unit until school gets out for the summer.
Self-storage units are also ideal for holding boxes of books, notebooks and other school supplies. Before storing any kitchen items, such as hot pots, dishes or microwaves, make sure they're thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent pests. 

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